Friday, April 28, 2017

The Stormy Night...Haiku

I was having trouble with getting blogspot to do anything since yesterday. It seems to be working now,..I will be back later this morning to visit~

where the lightning falls
the land becomes a dreamscape
flickers and fades away~


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Smile for You on Our 46th Anniversary

I won't be blogging today. My hubby and I are spending the day together. But...I did want to share a smile with you, my blogging family.
This photo shows that Pit Bulls do not always deserve the bad reputation that they are known for! This is Raptor. He is our family's Pit Bull. He belongs to our granddaughter, her husband and their two children.
The little piece of dog that you see next to Raptor is the newest member of their family. Her name is Bentley. She is a Chi-weenie dog. As you can see they get along beautifully. It just goes to show...don't judge a dog by its breed. They are just like people...some are good and some are bad.

Have a great day~

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Communion Day Thoughts...Haiku

heart to heart, bound souls
yet a vision in shadows
someday in time~


(This is an old wedding photo that I have in my collection of vintage photos.  I have "married"  it with my communion picture...get it :) I do remember feeling like a bride all dressed in white lace with my lovely veil upon my head. All that was missing was Prince Charming. I did finally marry my prince and we will celebrate our 46th anniversary tomorrow on, Wednesday the 26th~)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Raven House...Journal Page

my whole art journal page...9" x 12"

a copy of my aceo painting

my poem which you can read below

decorative papers and used tea bags and inked stain for "grunge" look

stamped image and sprayed for more of a "grunge" look

Another of my "grunge" journal pages...I love the grunge look :)

Raven House (my poem so you can read it :)

the old house still stands
upon Raven Hill
that light in its attic
still gives me a chill

no one lives there
or so they say
then who or what
in the attic does stay

around Raven House
a storm's always brewing
but to shelter inside
could be your undoing

the ravens fly high and
"caw" overhead
their harsh cries and laments
could wake-up the dead

so if you pass-by
some stormy night
run hard and run fast
away from that light~

by JFM

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Stormy Manor

though I cannot see it
I know the wind exists
it blows among the tree tops
and swirls the cold damp mists

I hear it howling through broken windows
while it eerily bemoans
in this abandoned, old manor where I've taken shelter
as it shakes and groans

its walls are filled with shadows
its stairs they moan and creak
misty shapes glide in and out of this room
as though playing hide n' seek

while the storm grows ever stronger
and the rain leaks down the walls
I suddenly hear stealthy footsteps
dragging down the cobwebbed halls

no more will I seek shelter
within this haunted room
I would rather take my chances
outside this house of doom~


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Hobo...a Dying Breed

free to wander anywhere
along the rails that take me there
lonely towns along the way
ever traveling...nowhere to stay

along the stops in every town
near to the tracks, is where I bed down
remembering my travels all these lonely years
but I am happy and carefree...I shed no tears

I have a soul that wanders where those tracks do lead
I have no roots, I am a dying breed
I will ride these rails until my end
then ride the rails in heaven...eternity to spend~


(that is Opie on the tracks...he is our son's K9 German Shepherd)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Would You Like a Pretty Flower...Art Journal Page

I apologize that there are bits-and-pieces not showing on my art journal page. I had to scan this page instead of a taking a photo...still no working camera :) But not much is missing.

My background is made up from used baby, not that kind of used :) I use baby wipes to help clean my paint brushes and then let them dry and this is what you get! A one of a kind background :)

Above is a copy of my painting "Would You Like a Pretty Flower?" I embellished it with fake daisy flowers, decorative papers and rhinestones. My poor, lonely ghost just wants to give you a flower~

I made this little ghost out of a used 4 cup coffee filter. Before I pasted my ghost down I used a small amount of a cotton ball for its head and added rhinestone eyes.

Above is the poem that I wrote to go with my painting. Even though the scrap-booking, pocket watch isn't set at the midnight hour, I thought it was perfect for my page and its theme :)

The black heart is cut out of felt and then I stamped here and there on the page and added a few other touches here and there. You can really see the background in this close-up photo.

Well that's it for this page in my art journal. Have a great day!!!